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01.04.2008 18:38
Die Darsteller von Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric und weitere Schüler Zitat · antworten

Die Darsteller von Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric und weitere Schüler

Justin Chon: Eric

Anna Kendrick: Jessica

Michael Welch: Mike

Christian Serratos: Angela

Gregory Tyree Boyce: Tyler

~Before you my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there where stars - points of light & reason.
And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty.
When you where gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black

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02.04.2008 18:34
#2 RE: Die Darsteller von Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric und weitere Schüler Zitat · antworten

Erinnert ihr euch an die Sockenaktion für Michael Welch - Mike Newton?
Er hat die Socken bekommen und sich wie folgt geäußert:

April 2, 2008
I love you guys. "Ha ha ha!" Did you really send me socks? That's incredible. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, let me briefly explain. A little while ago, before I began my road trip up to Portland, I mentioned that I was low on socks. I picked up a 12 pack in Berkeley and figured that that would be the end of it. Then Twilight Lexicon tells it's readers: “Hey! Let's send Mike socks! It'll be funny!” And they did!!! Not only did the twi-hards dig the idea, they followed through with it. One complete joke from idea to conception, THAT''S fan commitment. I have so many socks now it's ridiculous. You guys are beautiful. I appreciate the gesture very much.

I also have to mention an adorable little lady that goes by the name of NoMoreMarbles over there on the You Tubes. She's a twi-hard, she's funny, and she's put together a couple of videos about the cast of Twilight. She's dedicated about 4 minutes to me, (Official Twilight Cast Part 2 ) showing pictures that have been on my website over the years, and making fun of me for various reasons. It's very sweet and hilarious. Well-done NoMoreMarbles! You have the official Michael Welch seal of approval. Only Sean Penn and Jeremy Irons have received this honor, you should feel very proud.

The shoot's going great! Everyone's great! Kristen and Rob are great! Great great great great!! Hurray..

I'm going to Seattle pretty soon. There are two places in time I've always wanted to visit- Italy in the 15th century (The Renaissance), and Seattle in the early 1990s. You could see Alice in Chains on a Wed night, Soundgarden on Thurs, Pearl Jam on Friday, and Nirvana on Saturday. And it probably cost 15 bucks a pop in venues that had a maximum capacity of 300. How crazy is that? That was a mini-renaissance and I JUST missed it! Oh well, at least I was right on time for the Seacrest train!! Oh I kid the Seacrest, he knows I love him.

All done bye! Thanks again for the socks you crazy beautiful people!

~Before you my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there where stars - points of light & reason.
And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty.
When you where gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black

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02.04.2008 19:02
#3 RE: Die Darsteller von Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric und weitere Schüler Zitat · antworten

*g* das klingt toll. Er klingt echt nett und ziemlich humorvoll.

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04.05.2008 21:02
#4 RE: Die Darsteller von Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric und weitere Schüler Zitat · antworten
Interview mit Michael Welch / Justin Chon / Jose Zuniga (Mike, Eric und Mr. Molina)


While waiting around on the set of TWILIGHT, I got the opportunity to interview a few of the supporting cast members. Michael Welch is fairly unknown but that may change after TWILIGHT. He’s done a lot of TV stuff with his movie credits including DAY OF THE DEAD and ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE among others. Justin Chon is also a fairly unknown actor, having a regular role on the TV show JUST JORDAN along with roles in flicks HACK! and the upcoming CROSSING OVER. Jose Zuniga is undoubtedly the veteran of the bunch, having numerous roles in loads of action flicks and TV shows. The three actors gave us the lowdown on their characters, what the fan base is like, and their opinions on TWILIGHT among other things.

Michael Welch / Justin Chon / Jose Zuniga

So who’s playing who?

Justin Chon: Well I play Eric Yorkie. He’s a human. (laughs).

Go humans. So you’re the first one that really makes friends with Bella?

JC: Yeah, yeah. So I’m kind of am the first person Bella becomes friends with, or tries to be friends with at school. I’m just like a normal, kind of teenager. Kind of like a real social ladder climbing kind of kid. That’s why I feel like I kind of befriend Bella before everyone else. Because I want to kind of see if she can help me with social stature or whatever. I feel like, you know he’s kind of, I guess nerdy. He’s on the debate team and he’s the head editor for the newspaper and I think that’s kind of… he uses his skills to try and get in Bella’s good graces by offering to make her a star in the paper or like.. you know, random things. Like I could try and sneak in her music at the prom. But ultimately I’m no match for Mr. Chisel-face. (laughs) Yeah, that’s my character.

Michael Welch: (leans forward and speaks into the recorder) Hello. This is Michael.. (laughs) Nah I’m kidding. I play Mike Newton. Who, I’m actually growing to like more and more as we shoot. I think he’s athletic, but he’s also incredibly awkward in ways too. I think he’s… I’m really coming from myself a lot in this role, because I’m very familiar with the high school experience of trying to ‘get the girl that you probably won’t get.’ I actually had a very similar experience where there was a girl in particular and the guy, the other guy who was clearly better looking than me, and clearly… you know. It’s funny because I have a scene… I should probably complete sentences since this is a print thing. I have a scene where I ask Bella out to the prom, and it actually started to get kind of painful after a while because I really did sort of go back and relive that time in my life. I never really actually had the courage to have that moment, because it probably would’ve ended up as awkward and strange as it did for Mike Newton.

Well that’s good acting too.

MW: (laughs) Sure sure. So it’s been a lot of fun. It’s been a fun process. I think, you know Mike, he’s a small town kid and I think he’s smart but, you know, still probably pretty naïve and just trying to find himself. I think again, it does sort of make it easy to come from myself because how I’ve sort of been playing… You know, Kristen Stewart has a very naturally interesting thing going on that you can’t really put your finger on. She has something very interesting behind her eyes that you almost want to… it’s like she has a secret or a mystery and you want to just figure it out. So I’m sort of coming at it from that angle, just I’m fascinated by this girl and I just want to get to know her better. So yeah, that’s.. did I leave anything out?

Your character takes a big liking to her. Whenever there’s another guy talking to her… he really hates that guy.

MW: Absolutely. Yeah, it was…

A little bit stalkery?

MW: It’s a little creepy. (laughs) No yeah. Right off the bat, as soon as she hits him off the head with a volleyball, as soon as he sees her. I think he sort of knew about her and knew that she was going to be coming and was maybe excited about the prospect of the new hot girl coming to school. But when he actually sees her, I think those connections really do happen in life, particularly when you are in high school and you really don’t have perspective yet, really. So you can kind of trick yourself into thinking ‘Wow, I couldn’t imagine anyone that I could like more than this person.’ And I think that sort of happens to Mike. And Edward, who we sort of have a similar haircut and look the same, he’s basically just the much more chiseled, better looking version of me. And a vampire… (laughs) you know he’s got it all. He’s got it going on that guy. So it’s very easy to tap into that sort of insecurity for me.

Jose Zuniga: Well I’m also a human. I’m Mr. Molina. In the book I was Mr. Banner, so I’m now Mr. Molina. Which is interesting to me because it implies that, for reasons unknown to me, the movie is moving in a more open direction, still keeping the soul of the book, but adapting it in a way too… the fire and creativity of this director, Catherine [Hardwicke] and using people maybe in the sense they need to show that kind of marriage, which is cool, of like when books and movies can work. So anyway… as a character I love this guy because he’s real earthy and he wants to save the world and he’s got this true message to give… you know, like ‘green is good.’ And it’s very innocent in a way, because he’s an adult and he really loves these kids and he’s really opening up. But there’s this vampire thing happening around me that I don’t even know of. So there’s almost this energy of good and bad and bad and good. It’s very, very interesting. As an actor coming to this role, I love it! I almost have all the freedom to be as silly and goofy as I want and I never get this opportunity so I feel like someone’s giving me jet propeller things and I can just soar. It’s just these little moments, but they feel so free. I’ve had to kill and I’ve gotten killed MANY times in movies (laughs) So to just not do that alone, to even just to connect to people and to have this kind of energy… I go crazy even thinking about it before I get to work. And then, the reality of it is that it’s all part of this really interesting picture, which is The Cullens and these guys [Mike and Eric] and your little world with her. It’s quite, quite fun.. more complicated than I realized… and also as innocent as I could ever imagine. You know what I mean? I don’t think I said anything about Molina though. He’s just a biology teacher who… Yeah this is an interesting thing and I’ll stop. As being older than these guys, it’s interesting to be able to act out scenes where I can say or act like I’m this older being but in reality I can still feel the connection and I can also feel the time difference. It’s this cool life thing to just kind of be old and young enough to connect. You know what I mean?

MW: I think a really, really good point too. Which is, the fans are obviously going to want it to be very close to the book, and it is very close to the book, but it does feel like the book is just kind of being used as a blueprint and there’s a lot of room for us to sort of bring life to it. So it’s not just like… people aren’t going to be watching going ‘oh yeah, that little quirk, that was in Chapter 4.’ It’s not like that. We have the blueprint of these characters, and with Catherine’s vision and Elliot’s vision. And by the way, I don’t even know what they’re doing visually, so it could just look incredible. These, what I consider to be, great group of actors, you know basically bringing life to this piece. You know, in a way that I think is important in reaching the audience outside of just the people who read the book, but also pleasing the hardcore fans as well. I think it has, I think you said it much better than I did, sort of a nice blending that’s happening there.

JZ: It feels natural you know. It feels natural from everyone. Kristen, she’s very kind of unique and fragile and Robert, has that darkness… but it’s all very organic to everybody. These guys, look everything’s so organic. You never know. Films are very outside of the actor’s world. We’re in a very small world, but I can feel all that energy and it’s coming together in a very nice way. So I don’t know.. we’re feeling good. (laughs)

How familiar were any of you with the books before you got this job?

JC: Well one of my best friends... he actually read all three of them. He told me about the first one, TWILIGHT, so I read like a little tiny bit before getting the part, and then once I got the part, obviously I read it. It’s definitely an awesome book and it’s definitely a very interesting take on the whole vampire story. It’s like a cool new hip way to tell it. It’s very inventive … and I think it’s a good book.

JZ: The one thing I noticed about the books, knowing nothing about them before I knew about them, once I knew about them, how much there is to know about them and how much it’s around me. So that’s a very fascinating thing. In different generations too, not just… it’s several types of people relate to the book and it works on several levels. Adults could read it and can be… it’s quite… is tension. And young people can definitely use it as a guidepost. It’s … again a complicated sort of book.

MW: Yeah, I was not familiar with the book or the series at all before auditioning... which seems to happen to me for the most important projects. I was like young Jack O’Neal on STARGATE SG1, which ended up being the most, pretty much the most important role of my life as far as getting any sort of following. That’s another one where I just had no idea what I was getting myself into. I like that approach, I like not knowing before stepping into a project because it just kind of… it takes the pressure off. I feel like I can come from a more genuine place and a more natural place if I just don’t know. If I had known how popular these books were before going into the audition, I don’t know how it would have went, how it would have gone.

JZ: I think we all share it…. Of all the people we’ve talked too, it’s kind of the same thing.

There’s this really intense and devoted fan community. Now that you are sort of dropped into that, how is that different than other roles you might have had? There’s a huge STARGATE community as well… but I imagine you were just playing Young Jack, you weren’t quite in the center of it there. Here you’ve got… Have you been paying attention to the websites?

JZ: That’s a good question. I’ll just say really quickly that I’m really excited that I’m one of the characters that can kind of be there but not be picked on. That’s all I have to say. (laughs) They’re going to focus on other people and I’m like ‘Go ahead.’

MW: I actually have a pretty funny story. I have been sort of blogging on different websites and I’ve been having a lot of fun with the fans. They’re fun people… you know because I could’ve sort of taken the more serious route of just ‘Yeah guys I’m excited to be doing this.’ Which I was, and which I said, but I was really…. I decided to have a little more fun, be a little more dry a little more sarcastic, just to have fun with them. And they responded and seemed to appreciate it. In one of the blogs, I made some kind of reference to the fact that I’m… well ‘I’m about to take a road trip and I need to pack and I’m low on socks. I don’t have any socks. So I need to pick up socks on the way.’ So the Twilight Lexicon picked this up, and on one of their daily posts, the title was something with Stephenie Meyer and ‘Socks for Mike.’ And people literally started sending me socks to my PO Box. They’re starting to arrive now. So… I really appreciate these fans, I like them a lot already, and I have been sort of involved in the internet world.

Your going to be set with socks for a while.

MW: I am going to be set with socks. I mean I’m getting sent joke socks, I mean I got little baby pink socks here.

JC: Man I’m going to say I’m low on gold coins. (laughs)

MW: (laughs) .. It goes to show, for me that they’re very serious, but they also have a sense of humor and they don’t seem to be taking it so seriously to the point of being crazy. They strike me as a group of people who just really enjoy these characters and really enjoy this story.

It seems like they’re very happy with the way this is turning out. Like everything is going the way they had planned for it to be.

JC: That makes us feel really good, you know.

MW: Yeah, they’ve been happy with the cast for the most part. As far as I can tell. .. You know I worked on the remake of DAY OF THE DEAD and they were not pleased. (laughs)

How was that experience for you? As one of the first kind of horror things you’ve done?

MW: It was a great experience. We shot in Bulgaria. It was my first time ever being outside of North America. Steve Miner was the director, he directed LAKE PLACID. It was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. I think part of the reason why people were disappointed… (at this point someone drops into the room to pull the three actors back to set.. so Mike finishes up his statement for us real quick.) When they had a lot of the test screenings they got really hardcore horror fans and I think the kind of movie that Steve Miner wanted to make was more of an action movie with zombies as opposed to a horror movie.

~Before you my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there where stars - points of light & reason.
And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty.
When you where gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black

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08.05.2008 17:22
#5 RE: Die Darsteller von Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric und weitere Schüler Zitat · antworten
Interviews mit Taylor (Jacob); Kristen (Bella), Justin (Eric), Gregory (Tyler), Catherine (Regie ), Anna (Jessica) und Michael (Mike)

Interviews mit Justin Chon (Eric)

In Antwort auf:
Eternity: What made you want to audition for a role in Twilight?

Justin: I thought it would be an interesting project to be involved with. I also love catherine's work and also kristen.

Eternity: Were you surprised by all of the buzz surrounding this film?

Justin: Yes, i was very surprised. I couldnt believe how big it is.

Eternity: Are you and the character you portray, Eric, a lot alike?

Justin: Not really, i'd say im pretty different from eric but i have to say we have the same taste in music..haha

Eternity: Who did you connect with most while filming?

Justin: I would say i connect with everyone. I loved hanging out with everyone on set.

Eternity: Were there any pranks or embarrassing moments while on set?

Justin: Sometimes I would slap mike on the butt. but i dont think i should have told you that.

Eternity: If you could be any one of the Cullens, who would you be and why?

Justin: I would be edward because he can fly.

Eternity: Are there any more projects coming up for you?

Justin: Yes, I will be doing a small indie in august called the lions den.

Eternity: Your father was a Korean Film Star. Did he encourage you to get into the business?

Justin: He actually discouraged it but i did it anyway.

Eternity: What has been your most memorable acting experience?

Justin: I think when I was bit by a dog on a film set.

Eternity: Who is the biggest role model in your life?

Justin: My father.

Eternity: We've read that you own a shoe store called Attic. What made you decide to get into that business?

Justin: I love shoes and street wear clothing so i decided maybe i should make some mula.

Eternity: Lastly, Is acting something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

Justin: I would love to continue acting for the rest of my life.

Das Edward fliegen kann ist mir neu *g*

In Antwort auf:
1-Your father is a Actor. Was it hard for you growing up in a world where "cinema live style" was always present?
not really, by the time I was born he had already stopped acting. But we did have a very artistic upbringing.

2-Did that condition help you to become an actor? If so, in what way ?
It helped in that I was always interested in the performing arts. I think it made it more acceptable to pursue this type of occupation.

3-Why did you go to the audition?
I went to the audition because i had heard about the books and also I needed a new job.

4-Can you tell us anything about this process?
Well, my audition went a few times and we had some chemistry reads where they matched us up with different actors to see how well we meshed together.

5-Have you met Stephenie Meyer? Did Stephenie give you some help with what she wanted to see in Eric?
I have met stephanie, however when we met we didnt discuss to much about eric.

6-What is your opinion about Bella? Do you think that she made the right choise by falling in love with a vampire?
I think Bella is a very intrigueing character. I do think she made the right decision by falling in love with a vampire, but I do think she could have been happier with eric. Just kidding

7-If you had to do some type of advertising for your character, what would you say?
I'm just a fun loving guy who wants to fit in and be apart of the group.

8-If you had the chance to choose another character which one would you choose? Why?
I think I would choose emmett....hes a bad asss fighter

9-What is your funniest memory of the set?
The funniest memory on set was when I nwould mess with mike during filming and try and throw him some things he wasnt expecting during a take.

10-What is your opinion about the cast? Which one releats more to there character?
I love the cast. I would say the us humans are pretty relatable to our characters because were actually humans....suprise!!

11-Do you keep in touch with other members of the cast?
Yes, I do keep in touch with the other cast members.

12-Music is always present in your life. Would you like to play a musician, and if so,which one and why?
haha...well there are some limitations to that because i am asian. But if I could play any musician I wanted I would love to play jeff buckley.

13-What is your favorite take of the film? Why?
My favorite take in the film was when we were inside the caffeteria because it wasnt raining inside.

14-If the books "New Moon" and "Eclipse" became a film, would you like to be a part of the cast again?
Yes, I would love to be apart of the other films.

15-Do you have any future project?
Yes, I'm going to be doing a small independent project with a bunch of korean actors after this. I also have a movie called crossing over coming out in august so I hope you guys go watch it.

16-How do you define yourself?
I would say I'm a pretty layed back chill type of guy.

17-How do you feel about being a part of this huge thing that Twilight became?
I'm very honored and hope i;ve done a good enough job.

18-Have you ever been in Portugal, or ever been curious in visiting our country?
Yes, I would love to go to portugal and actually am planning to visit next year.

19-What would you like to say to all the fans that wait impatiently for the movie to be release?
I would say thanks for the support and make sure to watch crossing over....haha

Thanks Justin for being so kind with us and given your free time. We really think your performance as Eric will be GREAT!!!
Thanks again
All the best
Patricia & Marta
Twilight Portugal

Ach diesmal Emmett? *g* Beim nächste Interview ist es dann Jasper *g*

und hier:

~Before you my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there where stars - points of light & reason.
And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty.
When you where gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black

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28.05.2008 20:20
#6 RE: Die Darsteller von Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric und weitere Schüler Zitat · antworten

Twilight Mom Interview mit Angela Darstellerin Christian Serratos

In Antwort auf:
TM: What was your favorite part of working on the set of Twilight? Least favorite?
Christian: I couldn’t pick a favorite thing about filming. It was all amazing. I laughed so hard on set. It was however a bit chilly.

TM: How did you and the other "humans" get along on set? If you were laughing a lot it sounds like things were fun. Tell us about it.
Christian: Us humans had to stick together. haha We got very close.

TM: Did you relate at all to Bella's High school experience?
Christian: I was homeschooled through high school so I never had the classic high school experience...but I've always had a bunch of people around me just like Bella.

TM: Was that because you were working on movies?
Christian: Mostly, Yes. It was also because I skated...getting up at 5am to do both was kinda hard. Homeschooling worked for me.

TM: Did you get to go to your friend’s prom or anything like that?
Christian: My program actually had a prom for all the students but I didn’t go. The last show I worked on turned the wrap party into a prom because we were all homeschooled. I went to a homecoming dance about a year ago. That was fun.

TM: Have you read all three books?
Christian: Yes. I had been wanting to get started on the books for a while and jumped on it when I got the call for the auditions. I couldn’t put them down. I tried my hardest to procrastinate on finishing the third so I wouldn’t have to wait so long for the fourth, but that didn’t work out. I had to finish! haha

TM: LOL Many of us had that problem! Now it's only a couple of months until Breaking Dawn! Very Happy
Christian: I know! Pre Ordered WOOHOO

TM: What do you think Angela's reaction would be if she knew the truth about the Cullens?
Christian: Angela is super intuitive so if she doesn't know already I'm sure she would handle it fine. Bella is her best friend, I think it would be nice for Bella to have her to talk to, about the Cullens.

TM: I've been hearing about your jewelry line and have it on good authority that you designed the earrings you're wearing in this picture.

Where can we all buy some???
Christian: Well since you asked...You can find my line in stores by the Holidays.

TM: I've read that you are an animal lover and have mini poodles. Do you have any other animals? What other animals do you like & why?
Christian: I have 3 poodles, Gigi (The Mama), Gorilla and Uffie (The Babies). My favorite animal is a white lion/tiger.

TM: Tell us what stores we can find [your jewelry] in!!!
Christian: I'm working on the website right now. It’s going to be in LA boutiques. I'll post a list of the stores when I get the site up.

TM: Those earrings are gorgeous! How fun!!! What is your line called? How did you get into that?
Christian: I still haven’t really picked the final name. Any ideas??

TM: "How about... White Liger?"

Christian: hahaha I will seriously consider that.

TM: What is your favorite music to listen to?
Christian: Big List...Metric, Paramore, White Stripes, Roison Murphy, Regina Spektor, The Beatles...and on and on....

TM: Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Christian: Coconut (Helados Mexico) and Pistachio

TM: Favorite thing to do when you are not working?
Christian: Skate, Movies, Read and relax. yumyum

TM: Favorite shows on Television?
Christian: The Big Bang, ANTM, Samantha Who

TM: I also read that you trained in Tai Kwon Do and Hapkido. Did you train for self defense or for the aerobic/strength/stamina benefits? And does it really use everyday items for defensive weapons?
Christian: I trained for self defense.

TM: Should Edward bite Bella?
Christian: Yes, that girl needs to be a vampire already!

TM: What are some of your favorite movies? Any coming out this summer you want to see?
Christian: SEX AND THE CITY and Where The Wild Things Are. That’s my book, my ma read that to me more than a few times.

TM: What would you say is your fashion style?
Christian: The cleanest of the dirtiest. Depends on the day. I like to be a little posh some days.

TM: Do you have a song as your ringtone, if yes what is it?
Christian: Oh boy. I have over 100 ringtones on my phone. It changes all the time. Right now its "Get To Me" by Train.

TM: What was the most challenging part of playing Angela in Twilight? What was the most rewarding part?
Christian: Most rewarding was getting the chance to work with Catherine. I had wanted to for a while. She's brilliant. Most challenging...There was a food fight...It was really hard trying to stop throwing things at people... Very Happy we had fun hahah

TM: Did you get to meet or personally talk to Stephenie Meyer on any of the days she was on set?
Christian: Yes I did. She's oh so very nice. I was too shy to ask for her to sign my book. hehe Next time I see her I'll have worked up the nerve.

TM: She said the same thing about meeting the cast! Too shy to get pictures with. LOL!!!
Christian: No way. That's cute.

TM: Have you read Stephenie's new book, "The Host", yet?
Christian: I’m reading it right now! ahh. So exciting. My ma has been trying to take it from me but I won’t allow it! Very Happy

TM: Is there an actor or actress you would like to work with?
Christian: Parker Posey. She's too cool.

TM: If some of your fans wanted to send you fan mail, where might the best place be to send it?

Christian Serratos
Fan Mail
P.O Box 66
Burbank CA 91503

You all are too sweet. Besos. Talk To You All Soon!


~Before you my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there where stars - points of light & reason.
And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty.
When you where gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black

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~vampire girl~

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31.07.2008 23:34
#7 RE: Die Darsteller von Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric und weitere Schüler Zitat · antworten

Interview mit Christian Serratos (Angela)

by Jacky <3


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