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vampirbiss und daemonenkuss
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 HOTTIES *schmacht*
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14.06.2008 23:43
Vishous - Black Dagger Brotherhood Zitat · antworten

er ist das genie bei den black dagger vampiren... spricht etliche sprachen und kennt sich mit technik aus...
er steht nicht auf normalen sex sondern auf bondage spielchen...
er ist vom kopf bis zu seinem besten stück auf einer seite tätowiert... oh man ich steh total auf den kerl...

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15.06.2008 00:04
#2 RE: Vishous - Black Dagger Brotherhood Zitat · antworten

hier mehr zu ihm aber vorsicht spoiler

Vishous is one of the most tortured heros in the Brotherhood. He was raised by his cruel and sadistic father, the Bloodletter, until immediately after his transition, when he was mutilated, tattooed and left to die. His mother is the Scribe Virgin and he also has a twin sister, Payne, whom he is not yet aware of.

At over 300 years old, Vishous is an indispensable member of the Brotherhood - he possesses remarkable intelligence, a "cursed" hand which destroys anything it touches, and the ability to see the future.

Vishous has a variety of personal interests, notably his preference for the BDSM lifestyle. He is a staunch supporter of the Boston Red Sox and loves learning about new technologies. Favourite music is hardcore rap, though he used to enjoy classical. He also speaks 16 languages.

He is happily mated to ghost human, Dr Jane Whitcomb, who can become fully corporeal at the touch of his otherwise destructive hand. He also uses the hand to heal his best friend, Butch, from the after-effects of his unusual method of dispatching lessers - the sworn enemies of the vampire race.

Though very much present throughout the entire series, Vishous has his own story told in the fifth book, Lover Unbound. His destiny within the brotherhood is strongly intertwined with Butch, so he also features very prominently in book four, Lover Revealed.

J. R. Ward has stated that she envisions model Nacho Figueras as Vishous and the picture used in this fanlisting is the one she most commonly references. All he needs is the goatee, tats and driving glove. :)



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